Dominika Pedzik was born in 1971 in Rajcza, Poland.
She completed her studies at the School of Art in Cracow,
Faculty of Industrial Design. During this time she was developing
her own style and creativity based on simple beauty.  
She also started co-operating with various graphic and design
agencies and private clients. Since visiting Sweden and discovering
Scandinavian design, simplicity and functionality became the
main aim of her projects.

In 1998 Dominika won two second prizes - Best Student Design
Project and Best Project for Commercial Production - with her

project on cardboard office boxes.


Dominika's creativity is based on her life and her exploration of
the beauty of everyday things.

In 2007 she moved with her family to the United Kingdom and
settled in Didcot, Oxfordshire. Living in the small English town,
lost between picturesque cottages, she
 discovered the joy
of painting with watercolours.
The use of watercolours allows her
to express on paper her innermost feelings when witnessing the
beauty of nature bathed in the glorious southern English sunlight
Dominika's aesthetic is deeply rooted in her origins
- in the Polish mountains, landscape and culture.


Along with her painting she creates commercial projects and
co-operates with local businesses. Dominika's projects are functional
and practical, projects approachable and simply designed for a busy
city life but also for an idyllic cottage. Dominika is an open-minded
designer and artist who always tries to fulfill the highest
requirements of her clients.


Competitions and exhibitions:

2010 - 2012 Didcot Annual Art Exhibition.

2003 - Exhibition "In Circle of Friends" The Museum of
           Technology and Textile Industry in Bielsko-Biala.

2002 - Exhibition "Design, design" BWA Bielsko-Biala.

1998 - Brno, two second places in III International Contest
           Young Designers Design Centrum Czech Republic in University
           Category and Industrial Category Project of multifunction     

1998 - Photographic Exhibition "Photo ASP" in Katowice and